Cash flow is the life blood of any business. The management of cash flow can be complex and time consuming. BBS offers a comprehensive cash flow management service that can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your business. Do you know how much is available in the bank or your current cash position? The cash flow service offers a regular statement by email so you can make decisions based on accurate and current figures. This statement can be as simple or as detailed as you require, making the financial management of the company just that bit easier. Your current position isn’t the only thing that’s good to know. Cash flow forecasting is an important function in any business. The creation of accurate and meaningful cash flow forecasts gives you the information needed to manage your finances effectively. BBS can manage all of your forecasting requirements as part of the cash flow service. But the service isn’t just about cold numbers. If we see an opportunity to improve how the cash moves through your business we will talk it through with you and assist with the implementation of any new systems that are deemed necessary. Credit Control Setting up a good credit control system doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s all about having the right processes in place to make sure you are paid on time, every time. The basics include setting credit limits and payment terms for your customers, sending out invoices promptly and chasing debts as they are due. Staying on top of customer payments helps you identify which customers you could extend additional credit to and those where additional credit might not be a good idea. BBS can offer a tailored solution to your Invoicing and Credit Control process’s, including a named point of contact for you and your customers, ensuring continuity throughout.
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